City Pride School being a Konkani Linguistic School, Konkani Linguistic students will be given direct admission for LKG class.      City Pride School once again secured top position in the category of Screen time management conducted by Times school Online education survey 2020::City Pride School gives preference to Konkani linguistic community for admissions
Notices for Parents
Notices for Parents are:
   AVID READER 23-24




   Guidelines - The Avid Reader badge is an initiative to acknowledge the love to read and read to excel in one’s knowledge and perception of the world. It recognizes the students who show passion to read books from the School Library.

   STUDENTS WILL APPLY FOR THE BADGE. The selection of students for the badge is undertaken objectively.

   Kindly read the following details and the Google form attached herewith to participate in the same.

   Objectives –

  • Students must read voraciously in order to excel in reading skills and language skills
  • Improve their thought process and eventually become good thinkers.
  • To enhance insight into current and world affairs.
  • To be able to put forth their views and ideas in any discussion.

   Who Can Apply?

  • All students from Std I to VII are eligible to apply for the Avid Reader Badge.
  • Application form should be correctly filled and to the best of his/her discretion. In case of younger students, parents must fill the application form.
  • The Avid Reader Badge is valid for three years, after which one must re-apply to be eligible for the same.
  • Application form attached with the notice.

   Criteria for selection –

  1. Number of books read so far.
  2. Genre of Books read.
  3. Use of library resources.
  4. Conduct as observed by the teachers.
  5. After reading activity [as observed by the language teachers].
  6. Selection by a panel of language teachers.

   Benefits - Avid Reader Badge holders can avail

  • Books can exchange during lunch break.
  • Attend seminars / workshops /visits to Libraries etc.

   Students can apply for AVID READER BADGE.  More details on school website/Topschool. Kindly submit forms by 25 January 2023.

   Avid Reader form -std 1 to 5

   Avid reader form std 6-7