City Pride School being a Konkani Linguistic School, Konkani Linguistic students will be given direct admission for LKG class.      City Pride School once again secured top position in the category of Screen time management conducted by Times school Online education survey 2020::City Pride School gives preference to Konkani linguistic community for admissions
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   Name: Shubhojeet Das VI- Faith

Events and Competitions arranged by City Pride School, Moshi during online school was really commendable. Online Fun fair was very special, every child had a fair participation. Class competition arranged by school was unbelievably victorious. Also the online intra-school competitions held by school were very interesting. Online field trip organised to different states and countries were one of my favourite and will always stay memorable. The platform used was MS-TEAMS and each event was a huge success.

   Name: Tejas Jitendra Garse

TEJAS JITENDRA GARSE 6 FAITH. When I got in the school premises for the first time I just feel like wow it was phenomenal very clean tidy everything managed in proper way. It was the time when I was there for entrance test, but when I got results that I am selected I was just dancing from inside, in my previous school I even did not go under an entrance test .But time changed and virus like corona come and the world stopped never thought that in my first year of the new school I will attend my classes online not only me no one from my class thought it. Then the first class we attended we thought how we will attend and study on this but as the time passes we are go through it. When my friends start discussing about school a feel like some difference our school grants us more activities like P.T periods in online classes is very difficult, robotics and fashion designing activities, soft skills, discovery and many more. During this corona time teachers have helped us mentally, the all activities they all gives our mind just get refreshed and we forgot all stress and do the activity open minded. All teachers are really good t, second thing is in city pride school we get a lots of activities to do in my previous school we just get 1-2 activities per week here we get 6-7 activities. The last thing the exams and test papers designed by teacher. Also we attend papers in a way that we feel we are attending it in schools and we are sitting on benches and in vision of supervisor madam but difference is we attend it in front of laptop.

   Name: Prithika M.Nadar

I was very excited to start my journey in this new school as a student of grade 5 last year but due to the pandemic it was declared that the classes would be held virtually . It is been a year and I have been promoted to grade 6 now though I have not been visited my school physically till now but the opportunity and happiness with the online mode of studying is giving me immense pleasure. Competition is growing with each passing day ,our school ensures that the child is preparing well for the competitive exam. They provide the required coaching to students through experienced faculty. All my teachers are highly experienced. they assist the students in identifying the weakness and highlight the strong points. Our school also focuses on development of professional skills for which they have introduced subjects like Soft Skills,Robotics,Fashion designing etc. City Pride School is playing an important role in designing the success path for students.

   Name: Aanya Vashistha

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.- Albert Einstein A good teacher can change the lives of the students in a better way. Our teachers are just like that. They all have made us knowledgeable, creative and confident. They make our online classes very interesting by giving us many activities. The best thing about them is that they also teach us life skills along with studies. I like all my teachers very much.

   Name: Yogendrini Guttikonda,Std 6th,CPSM

Students may still prefer classroom classes over online classes due to isolation caused by pandemic. But, this improved virtual communication along with refined critical-thinking skills; once again Online learning became the first step towards digital maturity. By putting more focus on this point the school management has always stood first and gave 100% and more to make sure that the students never miss any of those milestones. More over to improve self-motivation, confidence and decrease the communication gap among students the school organised virtual field visits, group activities like theaters, projects, speaking skills via group discussions, soft skills classes, hobby classes like robotics, fashion designing and many more via this online platform.

   Name: Avaneesh. Nikam

City Pride School Moshi "Storms make trees take deeper roots" The corona pandemic forced every one of us to stay at our respective homes and everything to be conducted online,the inability to go to school physically certainly made us question if it will have a setback on learning and interaction.It however is clear now that online learning can be made fun and wonderful,bonds can be built despite all the odds. As we approached and engaged in activities, we started having fun and enjoyed learning, as every one of my classmates was new to this school, we were not aware of that city pride school was going to fill our life with colors of joy. Everyone enjoys if learning was mixed with interesting and creative activities the city pride schools teachers came up with new amazing activities they kept us encouraged and we even made great bonds with the teachers they also conducted group activities and we also got to know our classmates too and make new friends they also did their best to exclude things as less as possible and gave us the complete experience of being at school . Whenever I have gone to the school for morning sports or to collect library books I always wanted to see our classrooms I had never been so excited to explore my new school, the online things and classes amused and taught me many things but it also makes me and my classmates "School sick". The teaching methods of our teachers make me feel that a school is way more than just bricks and mortar with a few teachings. Whenever the school starts I am sure every single pupil and staff will come to the school with a enthusiasm and excitement as never before and attend the school very sincerely and with a happy smile. Thank you!