City Pride School being a Konkani Linguistic School, Konkani Linguistic students will be given direct admission for LKG class.      City Pride School once again secured top position in the category of Screen time management conducted by Times school Online education survey 2020::City Pride School gives preference to Konkani linguistic community for admissions
The Testimonials provided by different users are:


Respected Ashwini ma'am, the Sports day celebrated at CPS Moshi was memorable one for us Mhaske Family as Saumya bagged the Sportsperson of the year award, her success did not let me sleep the whole night.The cheer ups Saumya Saumya were just ringing in my ears n the moment when her name was announced was just coming in front of my eyes. All credit goes to u ma'am, as the Chief guest rightly said we r lucky that our children are in safe hands n this we r experiencing from days 1 of CPS Moshi when our kids were just stepping to new school in std 3. I remember Deepali ma'am took her IPM classes n the love for Maths begin. We r the ones who have witnessed CPS Moshi grow. Ur decisions n planning n vision say for IPM, Scholarship, Homibhabha or Skill development, Sports r truly remarkable. Saumya is our first child but we we're always benefitted by ur experience. When from few months we were confused about which will be the best foundation course for her to enter IIT etc. as Saumya loves n enjoys Maths , yesterday Jyotsna ma'am n Suja ma'am complimented her to be a sports champion, for a second a thought came to my mind Saumya as a sportspersonality. Also from 15 days she was fully involved in painting the walls on the ground, Amit sir n Nilima ma'am complimented her for her art work, also say Robotics or Science exhibition my child has developed in all directions. It's for sure whatever career she chooses but she is going to enjoy her life to the fullest, it's all because of u n CPS Moshi. She loves to be in school, at times she gives a call n says I am participating in xyz event say sports, painting or music etc. n staying back pick up me later, she just needs excuse to be in school. This all opportunities provided by u r adding on as n experience for them in life, they r having hands on everything, which will certainly help them in future, also to build their profile worldwide, this we can expect only because our children are in safe hands. Thank you is a very little word for the noble work u r doing to brighten the future of thousands of children studying under your roof. Saluting the two leaders Ashwini ma'am n Deepali ma'amπŸ™

-Mr. Pradeep Mahske (Parent)



For Sports Fiesta- thoroughly well planned and executed event... Flow of the games was exquisite. Zero lag, complete hardwork and dedication by TEAM CPSM. We enjoyed a lot but kids enjoyed it more with no tiredness. Really very well planned and executed. Hard work put in was really evident with the flow of the event.

Name:- Shailesh Dhawale
Student:- Dwijesh Dhawale
Parent of 4Love



I m parent of student 5th Love as I Just want to Thank you all the CPSM family specially to Sports teachers team , this sports day is just 2 days event for all parents but it’s whole years hard work and dedication for sports teachers and students, One can’t get master in any sports without consistent practice with right coaching,.. and our kids showed the amazing sports spirits throughout the event. Students also learn a lot that managing 4-4 events in one day simultaneously and didn’t complaining, They r managing everything happily with support of their Lovly Teachers. As a Parentitd a Proude moment for me to watch performing in different games n dancing as well. I am so Happy that my kids are studying in such wonderful school. Event is well planned and well organised. Thank you so much 😊

Pratibha Suryawanshi ( Mother of Ojal Suryawanshi)



Happy Teachers Day to Suja Mam and all  CPS staff πŸ™πŸ’Today experienced the gyst of challenges faced by teachers. Was allotted 3rd Love to take care of during Teachers Day celebration. Felt like a celebrity right from moment entering the class ,children gathered around for autographs,great interactions with students about their favourite teachers,full of enthusiasm and excitement,received Teachers day greeting cards actively prepared from students during interaction today,motivated them to thank their parents who are their first teachers.It was overall a very great day and experience. Thank you CPS family😊

-Dr. Priti Deshmukh (Parent)

3rd Wisdom



Hi ma'am, I would like to take this moment to thank you and ur team for all efforts put in for sports day.Nice theme, thoughtfully planned, well practiced and excellent execution β€οΈπŸ‘

-Krishna Sawant (Parent)

Std 2 Wisdom




I echo and fantastic work done by the teachers and CPMS team…
Awesome Sports day organising and execution…
On behalf of 1st love class I would like to thanks all for your efforts and help…

Last but not least thanks to Suja Rajesh Mam and Ashwini mam for your leadership and vision….πŸ™πŸ™

Mr. Saurabh Wani (Parent)
Std - 1 Love



We are very pleased and thankful for the online sessions being conducted for my ward. Through these classes, he is able to grasp the concepts very easily and gets his doubt cleared without any hesitation. My son loves school, and enjoys every day and looks up to his teachers.

 Very good efforts by teachers and school staff indeed !!

 We are very grateful for you.


Deepak Kumar (Parent)



We would like to take this opportunity to thank school team members for nurturing our ward. We really appreciate your efforts for providing quality education and moulding her towards the path which surely will lead to success. It's a previledge to get education in City Pride Moshi School.Thanks for planting the seeds of knowledge.

 - Ashwini Sutar (Parent)



Dear Sir/Madam, 

I would like to thank all teachers, Principal and other staff members of City Pride School Moshi. You all are doing great job by providing quality education to my son. 

Even in this pandemic, all staff is putting best efforts to provide great learning experience. Also I appreciate all of you for including extra curriculum activities like Virtual Picnic, Cooking without Fire, alphabets making with clay , Karadi Path, and many mores. 


Appreciate all of you and keep it up! 

Best Luck to All! 



Harsha Amit Lagad (Parent)



Hello Madam/Sir,

I am sharing my feedback regarding school.

My child is with this school for 2 years and I am really happy to see visible progress. Teachers are very supportive, co-operative and student friendly. Initially my child was very shy and introvert type. Now she has nicely improved in speaking, reading & writing.

The school management is very transparent and co-operative. Overall best school for my child.



Piyali Kar (Parent) 



Dear Sir/Madam, 

As a parent we are very proud that our daughter Anvi Aher studies in City Pride School, Moshi. Not because it has all the infrastructure and resources but hard work, passion and integrity the management and teachers show every day. Due to this covid pandemic, as a parent, we can see and hear it daily through online classes. Not only this they try to embed these qualities in each and every child. The planning of each day in advance with small activities to develop the personality of the child along with the curriculum is just outstanding. These little things and virtues are uncommon these days. Also emphasis on Indian and other traditions are also applauding. Finally we would like to say this is the only school we would prefer our child to study. 



Reshma & Vinayak Aher.(Parent, CPS Moshi)